10 Countries Where People Smoke the Most - the results may surprise you..

Nearly 20% of the world’s adult population smokes cigarettes, according to TobaccoAtlas.org. Smokers consume nearly 5.9 trillion cigarettes— representing a 13% increase in cigarette consumption in the past decade. Here’s a look at the 10 countries where the most cigarettes are consumed per capita.

10. Montenegro

Cigarette consumption per capita: 2,157

Cigarette consumption historically has been highest in high-income countries, but because of targeted marketing, increased social acceptability, continued economic development and population increases, consumption is expected to increase in low- and middle-income countries, according to TobaccoAtlas.

9. Belarus

Cigarette consumption per capita: 2,266

Cigarette consumption in Western Europe dropped by 26% between 1990 and 2009 but increased in the Middle East and Africa by 57% during the same period, In the image above a Belarusian man smokes a cigarette while cooling down near a fountain in Minsk during a heat wave.

8. Bosnia Herzegovina

Cigarette consumption per capita: 2,278

Globally, the increase in cigarette consumption in low- and middle-income countries is significant enough to offset the decrease in high-income countries, according to TobaccoAtlas.org the total number of smokers world-wide continues to increase simply due to population growth.

7. Slovenia

Cigarette consumption per capita: 2,369

6. Ukraine

Cigarette consumption per capita: 2,401

5. Moldova

Cigarette consumption per capita: 2,479

Around the world, 48% of the world’s cigarette consumption was in the Western Pacific in 2009.

4. Russia

Cigarette consumption per capita: 2,786

Above, a former Soviet soldier smokes his cigarette near the monument commemorating the Soviet victims of the war in Afghanistan, in St. Petersburg Feb. 15.

3. Greece

Cigarette consumption per capita: 2,795

Above, Greece's football coach Fernando Santos smokes a cigarette during a training session in 2012.

2. Bulgaria

Cigarette consumption per capita: 2,822

Above, people smoke cigarettes in front of the National Theatre in the centre of Sofia.

1. Serbia

Cigarette consumption per capita: 2861

In 2010, Serbia introduced tough antitobacco measures, the strictest ever in the Balkans country, where some 33.6% of adults smoke. Above, a passenger smokes a cigarette while waiting for a train in Belgrade last year.

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